My experience is primarily in the mechanical design and unique
engineering problems associated with the field of robotics:

Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Sixteen years experience using CAD modeling and drafting tools such as Pro/Engineer, Autocad (R11-2002), Inventor, Solid Works and Catia software.
Computer Simulation and Finite Element Analysis
Five years experience using IGRIP, Algor and custom software for kinematic and FEA analysis of mechanical systems.
Animation and Photo Realistic Visualization Twelve years experience using Alias/Wavefront and 3D Studio MAX (R2-R7) for animation and visualization.
Digital Video Production and Editing Twelve years experience using analog studio equipment and digital non-linear video and sound editing equipment.
Web Page Content, Design and Authoring Eleven years experience developing and authoring web pages using html, flash and Java script.
Computer System and Programming Experience Proficient with Unix, Macintosh, DOS, DEC, Sun, Silicon Graphics and PC hardware and Windows 95/98, NT, 2000, and XP operating systems. Programming experience with Action Script, C, C++, Pascal, Machine, Basic, Fortran, APT, GSL, and Lisp languages.

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