Engineering elegant solutions is as much about process as it is about knowledge. I bring the following playbook with me when approaching an engineering challenge:

Good ideas and direction seldom come from a vacuum. Partners are key, and open collaboration and communication beget the best results.
Testing and experimenting early and often in a lab setting mitigates risk and often inspires new and unexpected directions.
Throughout the process, being thorough and methodical ultimately saves time and helps to keep teams focussed.


Mechanical Design and Mechatronics

(9 years of experience)
While studying at Carnegie Mellon University (and for several years after), I contributed to the design, assembly and deployment of walking robots for NASA, the NSF and the US Navy. 


Factory Automation and Fabrication

(6 years of experience)
I designed and deployed custom automation systems for rapid inspection and assembly of products for clients such as Intel, Nike and Siltronic. 

AV Systems

Audio Video Systems Engineering

(17 years experience)
Since 2003, I have been designing, specifiying and helping to test and deploy A/V systems which drive hundreds of interactive media installations for clients around the world.

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