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Recent Projects

Easter Island  Easter Island image 01
Easter Island Statue Project
Easter Island, Republic of Chile
Created 3D model based upon sketches and measurements of Moai Paro taken by archaeologists and scientists at the Te Pito Kura site. Generated photo realistic renderings and short animation simulating the return of the (currently prone) statue back to it's erect state.
TMP image 01  TMP image 02
Theban Mapping Project
(Valley of the Kings) Luxor, Egypt
Used data surveyed by 3D scanner in the tomb of Tausert and Setnakht to generate a complete 3D model with texture maps for the Theban Mapping Project web site. Created animated walk through and rendered images for virtual tour of the site.
Steel Mill 1  Steel Mill 2
Carrie Furnace Model
Homestead, Pennsylvania
Developed model of an entire steel mill for architects to help preserve the site for historical purposes. Model and surrounding terrain were surveyed in great detail using 3D laser scanner and traditional surveying techniques to create a very accurate model.
ship 2 ship 1 ship 3
Ancient Ship Model
New York, New York
Created 3D model and sail plan of racing yacht Enchantress using only the original vessel plan and hand sketches from era.

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